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Shoes For Kids & Children

In addition to offering Men's and Women's shoes, Continental shoes is also an excellent source for Children's Shoes.  See the "Brands" section of this website for a list of  brands we carry.  We know how important your children are to you, and how important it is for you to choose the proper shoes for them as they grow and mature.  Children require special attention, and at Continental, we have years of experience in servicing children's needs, while helping to ensure they are provided with the proper footwear for both comfort and growth.  Come to Continental Shoes, where we treat your children with the same love, care and attention with which we do our own!

Continental Shoes is your ultimate source for both boys and girls communion shoes. Stop by today to see our wide selection of     children's shoes.  With over 5400 square feet of space dedicated to our shoe selection, and 12-16,000 pairs of shoes IN STOCK at all times we are bound to have the shoes to fit all your children's needs!